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Accused port-a-potty peeper arrested at OKC park

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Another man has been arrested, accused of port-a-potty peeping at a local park. Authorities arrested 50-year-old John Dugan at Will Rogers Park after a woman said she saw him watching her through a hole in the wall.

According to the police report, the woman quickly left the potty, went to her car and called 911. The woman told officers she saw a man leaving a second port-a-potty

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When officers arrived they found Dugan leaving the potty. He told officers he came to the park to read.

The officer asked him why he chose this park because he lived about five miles away. Dugan didn't have an answer.

According to the police report, a woman sat down to use one of the porta-a-potties and notice a hole in the wall. She then realized a man was looking at her through the hole. The suspect was in the porta-a-potty besides her and had a hole in his wall as well.

Police said Dugan told them he has used the potty twice there and noticed holes in the walls were lined up. He admitted he saw a man in the other potty but not that he saw the woman.

Dugan told officers he moved the potties so the holes were no longer lined up so one could see through them.

He was arrested on Peeping Tom charges.