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OKLAHOMA CITY-- A new exhibit is transporting visitors thousands of miles away to a place many families would never dream of going.

"The Story of Hope" features the sights, sounds and smells of the largest slum in East Africa.

In Kibera, families build their homes with anything they can get their hands on, including scrap metal.

Many residents in the Kenyan city walk around with no shoes on top of dirt, trash and human waste.

Erin Engelke, with Feed the Children, said, "It's the home to more than 1 million people who live in one square mile."

The realistic exhibit features the sounds of children playing, heat lamps blaring on your skin and a strange odor wafting from the homes.

Organizers say the images in the exhibit can be quite emotional for visitors, including a water source consisting of trash and human waste.

Engelke said, "It's not uncommon for you to see children playing in this water, washing their hands, even perhaps bathing themselves in this water."

Homes are just eight-foot by eight-foot and contains eight to 10 family members, many of them forced to sleep sitting up or on the floor because of a lack or room.

As for other so-called necessities, only 20 percent of the population has electricity.

That's where Feed the Children comes in.

The organization has come up with unique ways to provide the power of light.

Engelke said, "We have worked with families to use plastic two liter bottles filled with water that reflect light and provide natural light in the home."

"The Story of Hope" exhibit is free to the public.

However, you have an opportunity to donate to Feed the Children programs worldwide.

To schedule a tour of the exhibit, visit the Story of Hope website.