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Man charged with pretending to be a firefighter, collecting donations

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EDMOND, OK -- An Edmond man is behind bars after officials say he impersonated a firefighter.

And officials say this wasn't the first time.

Authorities say 24-year-old David Rester is no stranger to the Edmond Police Department.

Jenny Monroe, with Edmond Police Department, says, "He was just kind of hanging out in the same area, same story over and over and so, finally, people started calling us with him. We've responded multiple times and we've gotten to the point where we've arrested him several times for public intoxication and several times for this soliciting scam that he has."

Police claim Rester has a system and an answer for everything.

Authorities say he has told victims that he is a firefighter or a landscaper but always uses the same story.

"He's approaching people within our city limits asking for money or a ride,” says Monroe. “His story is pretty consistent in that he says he's a firefighter and that he has a family member that he needs to get back to Tulsa and will ask for a ride that way."

Police say Rester has been caught with the same scam by the OU Police Department, the Oklahoma Christian Police Department and Oklahoma City police.

Christine Alvey lives in one of the neighborhoods allegedly frequented by Rester and has seen him multiple times.

She was shocked by his latest story.

"Really! So he was trying to get money? Wow, well that's not surprising,” says Alvey. “That's a shame though.”

Alvey also said she's seen Rester get in the cars of at least two strangers, possibly trying to get that ride to Tulsa.

David Rester has been charged with one count of false impersonation of a public official.