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Meth lab/day care owner sentenced to prison in Iowa

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DAVENPORT, IA — The Davenport woman who was running a day care center in her home where meth was being made could spend the next decade behind bars. A Scott County judge sentenced 34-year-old Amanda Taylor to up to ten years in prison.

Taylor previously pleaded guilty to four felonies including child endangerment. Fawn Waack’s children attended Taylor’s daycare. Her 4-year-old son tested three times higher for meth than Amanda Taylor.

“The worst thing of all is because of your irresponsibility, I have no idea what is in store for [my son].” Waack says, “The doctors know little about the long-term effects. He was complaining of headaches, staying up late at night, couldn’t sleep. My son is still suffering from what you guys exposed him to.”

During the sentencing, Taylor gave a tearful apology.

“I’m so sorry to Fawn, to the kids, to my own kids, to my family for all I put them through,” Taylor said.

During the sentencing Thursday, Judge Gary McKendrick told Taylor he didn’t think she fully understands the trust she’d violated.

“This court has trouble getting past the fact that you ignored the safety for the children whose parents entrusted you to care for them; there is no doubt about that,” Judge McKendrick said.

Judge McKendrick then sentenced Taylor to up to ten years in prison with the possibility of parole. Taylor was taken into custody Thursday, July 11th in Scott County District Court.

Taylor’s boyfriend, Dale Blumer, pleaded guilty last month to manufacturing meth at the day care, but was only given probation.