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Missing inmate behind bars again after week long hiatus

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A two day standoff for an escaped inmate came to an end late Tuesday night when officials broke down a door in south Oklahoma City to drag the suspect out. Kristopher Johnson had been on the run for more than a week, raising the question of what delayed his capture.

Tire tracks and broken glass are leftovers from a standoff that has put inmate Kristopher Johnson and alleged accomplice Chelsea Price behind bars.

During the 11:00 p.m. headcount on July 7th, officials at the Union Community Corrections Center discovered Johnson had disappeared. Because the center is low security, inmates are supposed to check in and out of the facility for work or community service.

"When they leave the facility, they'll sign out as to where they're going, we'll check that randomly," said Jerry Massie with the Department of Corrections.

On Monday the 15th, the Canadian County District Attorney filed escape charges. That same day, an anonymous call tipped off lawmen to the south side neighborhood where Johnson was hiding out, setting off a two day standoff.

The Department of Corrections says there was no delay in reporting Johnson's escape, but in this case, it took seven days before Johnson was spotted.

"Escaping is an impulsive act, you don't know at the time, what triggered it, whether it's pressure from family or getting pressure from other inmates at the facility," said Massie.

After a week long hiatus, Johnson is now behind bars, facing escape charges that could bring another seven years of prison time.

As for Price, the woman arrested, she is faced with charges of harboring a fugitive, assisting a prisoner to escape, and possession of an offensive weapon. One resident near the home where the two day standoff occurred is glad it's over.

"It's a good relief to know that he has been captured and that he was there, that's a good thing, he won't bother anyone else anymore," said Lyons.

Hoping for more quiet days in the neighborhood he's lived in since 1983.