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Benefits of milk and the Kevin Ogle taste test

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Milk is a staple in everyone's refrigerator and an important part of our diet. It's the first thing we drink when we are born, but as we grow up, our intake decreases.

Some people think it will add too much fat to their diet. Others think they just don’t need it, but milk had many benefits. A few include healthy bones and teeth from the calcium.

The protein helps rebuild muscles and studies show women who drink low-fat milk lose more weight than those who do not.

Michelle Dennison, RD from the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic brought it the following types of milk and asked our own Kevin Ogle if he could pick each one in a taste test.

The milks she brought in where:
Traditional milk
Organic milk
Soy milk
Rice milk
Almond milk
Raw milk

You may have noticed while at the grocery store that there is a variety of milk choices and all have different benefits.

He tasted four different kinds of milk to determine what type it was. Watch the video to see how well Kevin did in the taste test.