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Thieves take off with man’s entire business

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KINGFISHER, Okla. - Signs of Peyton's Pit BBQ are all around an old drive in diner in Kingfisher, but there's no restaurant there. Thieves took it all when they stole the fully loaded food trailer that sat outside.

"I'm shocked," said Clay Plumley. "It had a smoker in it, a couple refrigerators and stuff and warmers."

Plumley opened up the food truck just three months ago. A dream he finally accomplished after working on computers for 15 years. He named the restaurant after his little girl.

"I'm trying to raise my daughter and stay in a marriage, you know, after doing a different job. It's a bit troublesome," said Plumley.

The steal is troublesome even to the customers around town.

"It's sad, sad deal," said Kevin Stebens. "People don't realize what they're taking from other people whenever they do stuff like that just to put another dollar in their pocket."

Now Peyton's Pit is gone right down to the locks and chains that held down the tires.

"The way I had it positioned, it'd be a trick to get it out of there because it had a big awning," said Plumley.

A trick the criminals pulled off right on Main Street. Several businesses line the road, but no one saw the thieves make off with the big red trailer.

If you see the trailer, call Kingfisher police.