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Arrest made in case of stolen guitar

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SHAWNEE, Okla. -- Talk about a sour note, Shawnee police have made an arrest in a case where a man was attacked and his guitar was stolen. Police have not only made an arrest, they found the guitar.

It was news the owner of that instrument was glad to hear.

Kenneth Weathers, the guitars owner, said, "I've had a week to heal now and I'm doing a lot better."

It's hard to tell now, but Kenneth Weathers still has a few scrapes from an attack one week ago.

He said, "I was trying to locate a friend of mine to take a guitar lesson from him."

It happened at Woodland Park in Shawnee. Weathers was knocked unconscious, according to police. When he came too his Fender guitar was gone.

"They sucker punched me and once my glasses are gone I can't see," Weathers said. "I think there are dangerous people anywhere you go. I think they saw an opportunity for quick cash."

Weathers says he teaches guitar on a smaller instrument, but had just bought the Fender for himself. Friday he got a little good news.

Shawnee Police Chief Russell Frantz said, "The guitar was pawned. We've arrested the subject that pawned the guitar."

The stolen guitar is still being held by a Shawnee pawn shop as police finish their investigation. In the meantime, Robert Owens has been arrested.

Police say Owens is not the one who attacked Weathers, but he is the one who pawned the guitar. According to the police report, Owens was paid by another man to pawn the instrument.

Police are still looking for the other suspect. Weathers is just glad he will soon be getting the guitar back.

Weathers said, "I'm just going to be more careful of where I go and what I take with me."

Owens is facing charges for concealing stolen property and for lying about ownership of the guitar.

Shawnee police are searching for another suspect; however, they are not releasing information about that person.