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Many apps are available to help with your ‘lifestyle change’

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There was a study released earlier this month from the University of Washington. Researchers found that, although American’s are exercising, the obesity epidemic continues to expand.

The bottom line of this report says we're physically more active, but obesity rates stayed the same or went up.

That is why making a "lifestyle change" is more important than going on a diet.

Visiting with Linda Cavanaugh in our KFOR studios is personal trainer Scott Do.

Scott Do says there are hundreds of phone apps that give you a boost toward a lifestyle change. These are helpful great for people who aren't “gym rats.”
One of the popular training apps is "Nike Training Club App." Like many apps it allows you to share your progress to help hold you accountable.
Another popular app is "My Fitness Pal."

Most apps take in more than just calories into consideration.

The "Nike Fuelband watch App" allows a quick look at your training on your wrist.