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Sheriff’s Office arrests child predator living in Yukon

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

YUKON, OK — Last Friday, members of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Internet Crimes Against Children unit executed a search warrant at a residence in Yukon, resulting in the arrest of 30-year-old Stephen Christensen on charges of “Manufacturing Child Pornography” and “Child Sexual Abuse with a Child under the age of 12”.

Investigators were contacted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation concerning images of an adult male abusing a small child that surfaced on the Internet.

The images depicted an adult male sexually abusing a female toddler originating out of the Yukon area.

Investigators were able to review the evidence and apply for a search warrant which was approved by a Canadian County Judge.

The Sheriff’s Office moved very quickly to address this case, and put a plan into action to enter the residence, collect evidence and make the arrest. Christensen has been extremely uncooperative, and refused a polygraph examination that was offered by investigators.

“The act this man has committed against an innocent child causes me great anguish, and I believe if convicted, this animal should be put away for life,” said Randall Edwards, Canadian County Sheriff.

As of today Christensen is facing additional charges on counts of Manufacturing, Possession, Distribution of Child Pornography, and Sexual Abuse of a Child Under the Age of 12. Although Christensen has been uncooperative, and denied the allegations, the Sheriff’s Office Forensics Computer Lab was able to restore over 16,000 deleted images, including images of Christensen sexually molesting the child he denied abusing.

“Federal and state agencies typically take up to 6 months or longer to process these examinations. By having our own computer forensics lab we’re able to perform these examinations ourselves in a matter of hours, instead of months. This advantage reduces the turnaround time, and takes these animals off the streets now, and eliminates their opportunity to victimize even more children,” said Randall Edwards, Canadian County Sheriff.

Christensen remains in the Canadian County Jail, and the District Attorney’s Office is pursuing NO bond.