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Fishermen caught in Oklahoma River when floodgates opened

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Two men were standing on some rocks of a popular fishing spot near I-40 and Eastern, but they were not prepared for the flood gates to open; sending a tidal wave of water straight at them.

There was race to get the men out, before the river swallowed them up.

Fishermen come to the spot all the time. It’s good catfishing at the bottom of the dam, but when the gates open, it's the last place you want to be.

It was supposed to be a relaxing evening of fishing for Kevin Brawdy and his uncle.

Catfishing; have some fun and go back home to eat some fish. Then the sirens sounded and the floodgates opened.

The calm Oklahoma River turned angry. The fishermen were too far from shore to beat the fast moving water.

“It started running pretty fast. We couldn't get across when both the gates opened all the way. There was nowhere to go. We were stuck,” Kevin Brawdy explains.

For about an hour the men wedged their feet into the rocks and held on for dear life. They held on to each other and hoped like heck they didn't go under.

Oklahoma City Fire and Rescue lined the river bank prepared to fish the men out.

But the drenched and exhausted pair was unwilling to wait any longer on a rescue boat to launch. They decided to swim to shore.

They lost their fish and tackle, but more importantly, they made it out okay and that's all the matters.

This incident will not deter the men from fishing. In fact, they plan to go out next weekend. It'll just be somewhere much safer.