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ENID, Okla. - Heavy rains pounded parts of the Sooner state on Monday night.

Enid was hit particularly hard, causing streets to flood.

All the wrong conditions coming together meant the Enid Fire Department had to get creative on a 911 call.

"It was pouring down rain and lightning and we were doing the best we could do as fast we could," Enid Fire's Cory Weber said.

The call of a severe laceration came in from a house on S.16th St.

When Weber and his crew arrived, they could see the first fire truck on the scene was stuck in the mud.

"When we came up on the intersection, we noticed that they were sideways in the road," Weber said.

So Weber made the decision they would trek to their patient on foot, almost a mile, slipping and sliding, wearing full bunker gear and carrying their equipment.

"I'm just proud of my guys that was with me," Weber said. "They never questioned my decisions and just did what I asked them to do and they did a great job and carried heavy equipment that far to help a patient."

Once there, they had to get their patient out.

They relied on their all-terrain vehicle that they got through a grant back in 2005 and said it was the only way they could make it out.

"There's nothing to say anything other than this unit here probably would've made it up in there and probably been able to retrieve a patient efficiently as we did," Weber said.

The ATV delivered the patient to the waiting ambulance and he was whisked to the hospital.

"They dispatch us for a reason and we're going to get there any way we can so that's what we did," Weber said.

Weber said they've never really had a situation just like this one before but they did what needed to be done.