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Plaques honoring Pres. Eisenhower missing from OKC park

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A public park in Oklahoma City showcasing one of our nation’s presidents is missing noticeable parts of its monuments as of Tuesday.

The Parks and Recreation Department is now trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

The flag can be seen for miles, standing tall from the Eisenhower Plaza at Stars and Stripes Park on Lake Hefner.

Joe Cooley and Wade Terpenning are friends who come here to enjoy days off, this time focusing on what's called, Wing Chun self-defense movements.

"If a person is applying pressure like I'm punching and I feel the pressure, I'll flow with it and create a trap," Cooley said.

Both said they were surprised to see two plaques featuring quotes in history from the 34 President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, gone.

There's no evidence proving someone took them but because they're not where they're supposed to be, it's raising some questions.

"I'm just sort of shocked," Cooley said. "What motivation would somebody have to go through that trouble to remove those?"

"That's why we pay our taxes to have beautiful parks like this," Terpenning said. "We have a nice lake and we have his legacy all around, the nice trees, the view."

The OKC Parks and Recreation Department said the plaza was re-done three years ago with new fixtures, mosaic tiling and the flag.

The plaques have famous quotes on them, pieces of history.

"We believe that these were the plaques that were put up with the original Eisenhower in the 1970s so they were original to this site," McClintock said.

Artifacts that should still be secured to the wall and, for people who visit the city's parks frequently, two missing items are a problem.

"Just a couple things missing, somebody might think, 'no big deal,'" Terpenning said. "Well then a couple more, then a couple more and pretty soon, the whole thing are downgraded," Terpenning said.

The Parks and Recreation Dept. is investigating the missing items and will be filing necessary police reports with the hopes of finding or replacing the plaques soon.

If you have any information, call the Parks and Recreation Dept. at (405) 297-3903.