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Saving A Buck: Tips on back-to-school shopping

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OKLAHOMA CITY- Families will be hitting the stores this weekend for tax free shopping across the state. It's a great way to save a buck on those back-to-school clothes.

However, there are other things you need to consider in order to make sure you save as much as possible. Tracy Ann Miller says when it comes to back-to-school shopping, going out with a plan is the key to not overspending.

Before heading to the store, take inventory of what you already have at home, including supplies like pens, pencils and clothing.

Miller said, "Get everything out, see what still fits, what someone else can wear. Look at the clothes from the viewpoint of what do we really need."

Also, set a budget and stick to it. If that fancy notebook doesn't fit the budget, have your child chip in if it is that important.

Miller said, "When they have to be a part of the process, it's a great way to help them learn how budgeting works."

She also stresses that while it's good to save, cheaper is not always better.

Miller said, "If you buy a high quality backpack, it will last several years or can be passed down to a sibling."

While most items, like pencils or glue sticks, don't vary much in price from one store to the next, bigger items, like specialty calculators, may.

For those items, Miller recommends using an app on your phone to compare prices. You should also consider buying used.

Miller said, "Sometimes there are people you work with that have things they didn't use or that are excess."

Second-hand items often are barely used and can really save you a lot.

While this weekend is a tax free holiday in Oklahoma, it does not include everything.

However, it does include clothing that is individually priced under $100.