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OKLAHOMA CITY - A two lane road that is used to remove leftover debris from Moore and southwest Oklahoma City is taking a serious beating, causing harsh driving conditions for residents.

Street maintenance crews from Oklahoma City and big trucks carrying around 30 tons of debris are causing major traffic delays and damaging the road.

The road is located on Bryant, between S.W. 89th St. and S.W. 104th St.

Daniel Bigdely said, "It is annoying, it's hard to drive."

Bigdely lives in Moore and uses Bryant to commute to and from work every day.

He's a home builder and a lot of his customers live along the busy street and say this particular stretch is plagued with potholes.

He said, "This is something we were not planning for, a tornado is not something we wish to happen, but I guess it's just one of those things you have to live with."

Paul Broson, with the Oklahoma City Public Works Department, said, "The road's totally going to be redone."

Bronson said he understands the inconveniences of the road right now but removing debris and hauling it to the landfill is necessary.

With the heavy traffic, crews are trying to keep up with the road damage.

Bronson said, "We'll throw some asphalt in there, we'll compress it just to keep the road open for the haul trucks and for citizens."

While the busy work zone can be inconvenient for some motorists, there's also a sense of understanding.

Bigdely said, "I think as a citizen we have to tolerate it for the time being and hopefully, when this is all done, the city will come back and fix it."

A full mile resurfacing project, on Bryant from S.W. 89th to S.W. 104th, was set to begin before the tornadoes ripped through the area.

According to the Oklahoma City Public Works Department, that project will start in about two weeks.