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Police arrest suspect in string of Edmond, OKC store armed robberies

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A string of robberies lands a metro man behind bars. Police say the same suspect held up three different stores Tuesday morning before being caught.

Police found the accused thief at a motel on north Lincoln just two and a half hours after the first holdup. The suspect, Korean Washington, allegedly tried to stock up on electronics starting at an Edmond Walmart.

Around 7:30 am police say Washington, armed with a handgun, stole two iPads from a store clerk and quickly ran away. An hour later, around 8:30, police say the same suspect went inside a Target store on South Western and headed to the electronics department.

Finally, around 9:30 am, the armed crook walked inside the Radio Shack on Belle Isle and stole even more electronics. Police say it is rare for one thief to commit that many crimes in a short time frame.

"The fact this man robbed three large chain stores in such a short time is not unheard of but it is unusual to have three robberies in such a short time," said Oklahoma City police Sgt, Jennifer Wardlow.

Just 30 minutes after the last crime, police tracked the getaway car and the suspect to the Oxford Inn, taking the accused bandit into custody.

"Our officers did a good job following leads and ultimately the suspect was tracked down," said Wardlow.  "Obviously this is good news to have this man off the streets."

Luckily no one was hurt in any of the three robberies.

This video was from earlier in the day: