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Toddler found wandering streets in SW OKC neighborhood

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Police make a surprising find when neighbors call them about a three-year-old boy wandering outside in the heat with his parents nowhere to be found, and witnesses say this isn't the first time.

Asleep inside, the mother had no idea her toddler was wandering towards busy May Ave. in southwest Oklahoma City. Police found him hot, dirty and with a soiled diaper.

She told police that this time it looked like her son had figured out how to unlock the front door. Neighbors knew exactly who the boy was and exactly where he belonged.

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with Oklahoma City Police says, "If it weren't for the neighbors it would have been a lot more difficult for us. Again, a three-year-old can communicate to a certain extent but again possibly leading us to the house may or may not have happened."

Neighbors we spoke with wanted to keep their identities concealed, but say Tuesday's incident isn't the first time they've seen the children unattended.

"They don't take care of their kids. Their kids are always running around in the street and parents inside,” says a neighbor. “Maybe these kids need to be picked up and put in a foster home or something to where they can be in good hands."

Authorities did remove the children from the home and sent them to live with another family member while they continue their investigation.

"It was dirty conditions,” says Wardlow. “They said there were cockroaches inside the house and there was no running water."

Neighbors say, "They are very irresponsible parents."

Authorities did not find any criminal activity so no arrests were made, but officers and DHS will be following up on the family.