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MOORE, Okla. - Many tornado victims are still trying to repair their homes. A neighborhood in Moore says they have been victimized by a possible serial scammer.

Misty Idell said Jeremy Owens Enterprise was supposed to give her an estimate to fix her roof and windows, along with a power washing and a fresh coat of paint for her home.

She signed a paper to get that estimate, and Idell said the only thing Owens did was nail what look like cardboard onto her roof.

“He wanted to replace the whole roof." Idell said. "I've had multiple roofers come up and say there’s no damage anywhere. None.”

Idell was horrified when Owens slammed a $13,000 lien against her home, claiming she did not pay him for his work.

Her neighbors across the street said the same thing happened to them.

"$6600. He`s trying to say that he did all the work. He didn't do anything," Melissa Brannon said. "We had other people do it. We can even have them testify that he didn't do it, they did."

Idell's next door neighbor also has a lien on his house for work that Owens supposedly did.

“Well it’s concerning there’s two separate incidences, two separate victims," Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said. "It’s obvious that one of the houses there has been no work done.”

Idell said it is going to cost her another $125 to fix the spots where Owens nailed patches on her roof.

Police are investigating and say they have not been able to speak to Owens directly, only through an attorney he has hired.

Joining Linda Cavanaugh in the KFOR studios is Edmond Attorney, George Freedman, to talk about how this could happen.

Liens are supposed to protect builders, roofers, or laborers from being stiffed after construction is done. This does not always happen.

Freedman explains how you fight a malicious lien without facing legal bills.