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In Your Corner Update: Tragic turn for tornado survivor

MOORE, OKLA. – Jeremy Boggess’ life has been anything but charmed.

He was born with a bad heart and lives with kidney disease.

His mom died young.

His father committed suicide.

May 20th was filled with even more life-altering moments.   

Jeremy gave us a chilling account of how he helped save a man’s life.

“He [was] still aware, but they couldn’t find a pulse on his legs. They were blue,” Jeremy said. “There wasn’t even any blood coming out because he had lost so much blood.” 

Because of Jeremy’s health, he can’t work full-time.

When we heard he couldn’t afford repairs for his run-down SUV, we surprised the 24-year-old with a large cash donation.

“I just gave up last night, man,” Jeremy said. “You got to come here with hope and stuff. I don’t know what to say.”

But the joy would be short-lived.

Weeks later, a bombshell we never saw coming.

Recently, Jeremy’s kidneys shut down.

He suffered major brain damage.

Jeremy was taken off life support last week.

Over the weekend he passed away.

Jeremy’s family says he was humbled by recent acts of generosity.

His funeral is scheduled for Friday morning in Chickasha.