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Boy donates his own hair to cancer

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EDMOND, Okla. — An Edmond boy is ready to head to school with a new haircut. The eight inches of hair his mother cut off his head is being donated make free wigs for women with cancer.

“Hi. I am Zane,” the seven-year-old reads from a letter he wrote to whoever will be the recipient of his donated locks.

Zane is not much on small talk, but he’s got a lot of energy and even more heart.

“He’s just always had a heart to help people,” his mother, Kayla, said. “He’s sweet.”

“My dad says I have a soft heart,” Zane said.

He puts it best in a letter he wrote. He’s not sure who will get it, but his gift has been in the making, or growing, for more than a year.

“I am really excited about donating my hair. I am seven-years-old. And I think long hair is cool,” Zane reads.

After his dad battled cancer for the second time, Zane began growing his hair to donate. It’s been a year and a half since his last haircut.

“When my dad got cancer for the second time, we thought we should give it to someone who needs it,” Zane said.

His brown locks are going to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Each snip is followed by a giggle or a hint of impatience.

“Can I go look at myself now?” he said as his mother cuts his hair.

The hair must be eight inches in length to donate, and Zane’s hair is just now meeting the requirements.

“Alright. Lets see me. Oh! Lucky me. Cool,” he said as he looked in the mirror at his new haircut.

It is a fresh start like the one his dad just got after finishing up treatment in July and is providing new hope and new growth in more ways than one.

“I hope you enjoy it. Love, Zane,” he read.

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