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Family out money and home when company files for bankruptcy

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A metro family said they were left high and dry by a mobile home company. They paid for new home and while waiting for it to come the company filed for bankruptcy. The family is out of thousands and still have no home.

After losing everything in a wildfire Rodney Wilcox has been preparing for a new mobile home. But he hit a bump in the road.

"It makes me feel like I've been robbed," said Wilcox. "He and his fiancé Tina paid nearly $6,000 on a new mobile home; ready to build a life together.

He said, "We closed on the 27th of July."

But so far, they haven't received their home. Court documents show the company filed for bankruptcy on July 22; five days before Wilcox says he closed on the house.

"The finance officer told us not to date anything that we signed because it all needed to be notarized and the person who is doing the notarizing needed to date it on the same date. That made sense to us," Wilcox said.

That was until a third-party notified them the company filed Chapter 11.

"That may protect them but it really hurt us. We were just following the process that professionals laid out in front of us," said Wilcox.

He said now they can't get ahold of the people who took their money. NewsChannel 4 stopped by the Oklahoma City office trying to find someone from the company. We didn't reach anyone.

"I hate to say it but they don't have a lot of recourse right now," said consumer advocate attorney Joe Carson. "This company appears to have filed chapter 11. That means its going to be more of a renegotiating of the contracts, so hopefully the creditors will at least get paid something."

Carson said the only saving grace for Wilcox may be to hire a professional to help him go after the company.

He also said if you find yourself in business with a company going through a bankruptcy, it's important not reach out to them. That's because when a company receives bankruptcy protection their creditors are not allowed to contact them.

If you do, you could face penalties.