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OKLAHOMA CITY - A grieving father is speaking out as he prepares to bury his infant son and three others.

Seven-month-old Amario Dominguez, his 16-year-old sister, Katherine Cizek, their mother, 34-year-old Rebecca Cizek, and 57-year-old Sallie Green were all found murdered inside a Southeast Oklahoma City home this week.

Forty-year-old Daniel Green, a member of the family, was arrested for the crime.

“Not to our family. Not to us." Mario Dominguez said. "I didn't think he would do anything like this to our family.”

Dominguez said the family took Green to counseling at Hope Community Center in Oklahoma City once a month.

Dominguez also said Green was taking four different medications: Zyprexa, an anti-psychotic, Buspar and Klonopin, for anti-anxiety, and Tegretol, for Bipolar Disorders.

“The medications that you have told me about indicate that he did have some kind of psychotic disorder.” Kathy Karmid said.

Karmid is a clinically licenses forensic counselor and has provided expert testimony in a number of criminal cases involving mental health.

Karmid admits it is rare for mentally ill people to snap and commit murder, but unfortunately it does happen. “We always go back and try to see what we didn’t see. However, you can't always see it, there’s no way too.”

Despite mental health issues, Dominguez wants justice for his son.

“You took something pure, innocent, off this world, off this earth, for no good reason. And that’s something he has to live with for the rest of his life. And I hope it torments him every night for the rest of his natural life.”

If you want to donate to the family to help with funeral expenses, there is a fund set up at Inter Bank. You can call or walk in and ask to donate to the Rebecca Cizek, Kathy Cizek, or Amario Dominguez Memorial Fund. The Bill Eisenhour Funeral Home says memorial contributions may also be made to any branch of either Arvest Bank

Funeral services will be 10:00 a.m. ,Thursday, August 22, at First Southern Baptist Church, 6400 S. Sooner Road.

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