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In Your Corner: Cancer patient desperate for hot water

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FOREST PARK, OKLA. - Dolores Salone is dying. She has lung cancer.

“I certainly don't fear death,” she said.

She’s been a hospice patient since March and hasn't had hot water in months.

Dolores' water heater is under warranty through Sears, but says so far, Sears hasn't been willing to replace it.

She worries her children could inherit her problem.

“I want to leave this house in as good condition as I possibly can,” Dolores said.

Sears tells the In Your Corner team Dolores' water heater was really old, therefore "…modifications were needed to bring the unit up to today's building codes. Previously, Dolores declined to pay for those modifications."

Here's the thing. Even with the warranty, Sears wants to charge Dolores an extra $1,000 for the installation upgrades.

We pressed Sears on the matter and the department store chain changed its mind.

Dolores’ daughter, Sarah Childs, couldn’t be happier.

“It seems like right after you got on them, they got on the ball,” she said. “We received three calls from them on Saturday and they let us know it was not going to cost anything. It was covered by the warranty.”

The cancer patient finally has hot water again!

“Very relieved,” Dolores said. “Maybe that will extend my life a little bit longer.”

Dolores is humbled in a way she never imagined.

“I know you're a busy person but you had time to help me,” she said. “I will remember this as long as I live.”

Our team also reminds you to inspect your water heater regularly to detect a leak and others damage. Doing this will prevent mold from spreading on your home's walls and floors.