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Oklahoma ranks high in abuse of women

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If this conversation in this video makes you uncomfortable, it's by design. The YWCA has a new campaign to talk openly about an ugly topic; the physical and emotional abuse of women at the hands of their husbands and boyfriends.

You're likely to see this PSA about that in the days ahead. Joining us in the KFOR studios to talk about this campaign "Engaging Men" is YWCA CEO Jan Peery.

Domestic abuse may be a taboo topic for many Oklahomans, but the fact is that our state ranks very high in the number of women killed by men.

It is crucial for men to speak out to other men about the issue of domestic violence she says.

The domestic violence hotline is 917-9922.

And for more information on the YWCA campaign to break the cycle of violence against women visit their website here.