’2 Chainz’ released from jail after police discover narcotics on tour bus

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OKLAHOMA CITY- Eleven people, including a popular rapper, were released from jail after being arrested on a complaint of obstructing a public officer.

“2 Chainz,” whose real name is Tauhed Epps, was arrested less than 24 hours after performing with Lil’ Wayne at the Chesapeake Energy Center Wednesday night.

Thursday morning, the rapper’s tour bus was driving along I-40 when police pulled it over for a broken tail light.

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, “When officers approached that tour bus, they noticed there was evidence of drug usage.”

One person stepped off the bus and was taken into custody.

However, 10 others locked themselves on board.

Police eventually towed the bus to the police training center with everyone still locked inside.

Authorities were able to obtain a search warrant for the vehicle and took “2 Chainz” and several others into custody.

Tour bus arrests are as follows:

Rapper 2 Chainz – 35-year-old Tauhed Epps
31-year-old Cedric Brooks
52-year-old Abdullah Mujahid
43-year-old Rory Smith
37-year-old Jermaine Simister
29-year-old Stethen Boykin
32-year-old Jack Brown
26-year-old Marshall Sudderth
38-year-old Robert Jordan
36-year-old Leon Smith
28-year-old Bryan Gathii

Hours later, the group walked out of the Oklahoma County Jail, giving us fair warning before showing an obscene gesture.

While “2 Chainz” didn’t have anything to say and was rushed into a waiting SUV, some of the others weren’t afraid to talk about their time in Oklahoma City.

One of the others arrested said, “They treated us s****y, abused our rights!”

Garvin Isaacs, a local attorney, says it seems police acted within the law.

Isaacs said, “If a vehicle is operating with a defective tail light, the tag’s out of date or there’s some other violation that’s probable cause.”

However, that response wasn’t good enough for many fans.

Shantel Stiggers, a “2 Chainz” fan, said, “They had a broken tail light on a half a million dollar tour bus? I doubt it. They pulled them over out of suspicion. They wanted to harass them.”

In addition to the light, police claim they found narcotics on the bus.

However, the rapper denied there were drugs on the bus in a tweet.

Authorities are now investigating who actually owned the narcotics and additional charges could be filed against that person at a later date.

We’re told “2 Chainz” and the others were taken to the airport for a flight out of Oklahoma City.

The tour bus, however, remains in police custody at this time.

“2 Chainz” is a Grammy-nominated artist.

He has had legal trouble in the past according to Wikipedia with two drug arrests and one conviction.

He is expected to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday night.

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