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911 Call: Second 911 call from Duncan murder

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Christopher Lane

Christopher Lane

DUNCAN, Okla. – Authorities just released a second 911 call from the Duncan murder last Friday.

Three teens have been charged in the shooting death of Australian baseball player Christopher Lane.

It seems this call suggests the shooters might have had another target.

Many parts of this call are inaudible. 

911 call:

Caller: Yes, I need to get a officer over to 111 W. Ash. There are some young kids over here with some guns. Inaudible

Dispatcher: 111 W. Ash?

Caller: Yes

Dispatcher: Are they play guns or real guns?

Caller: My understanding is they real guns. James Edwards’ son or whatever his name is...

Dispatcher: Are they juveniles?

Caller: Uh, yes.

Dispatcher: Do you know the names?

Caller: All I know is Brewer. James Edwards, I see him right here in the parking lot and the guy in the house told me he supposed to have a gun and they threatened to kill him.

Dispatcher: OK and where are you at?

Caller: I'm sitting right here in the parking lot.

Dispatcher: Is it a business?

Caller: No, it's the Emmanuel Baptist Church's parking lot.

Dispatcher: OK, I did not know that.

Caller: OK. Thank you very much.

Dispatcher: Alright. Thanks.

End of call.

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