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Dream Home winner sees her new home for the first time

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EDMOND, Okla. -- This year, NewsChannel 4 partnered with St. Jude for this year’s Dream Home giveaway. For $100 people could buy a ticket for a chance to win a beautiful home.

We had the big giveaway last night and today we get to meet the grand prize winner.

We have been working on this Dream Home Giveaway with St. Jude's for months and so it's pretty exciting to find out who won the drawing. To our surprise, this year's winner only bought one ticket.

Last night announcement went like this, "Folks, this is a $425,000 home that someone is about to win. And the winner is Lucinda Kennon. Lucinda Kennon you have just won the Oklahoma City St. Jude Dream Home.”

The new homeowner Lucinda Kennon walked through the doors of her new home

"This is unbelievable," she says.

Kennon is getting her first look at her new digs; still in disbelief.

"I was shocked. We're getting ready to go to Alaska tomorrow. I bought the ticket as a donation for St. Jude because they are so blessed and they do such wonderful things," Kennon explains.

The home was built by Timbercraft and is in the Fallbrook community of Edmond.

Kennon's two sons and their families were also on hand. She says this house will be kept in the family.

"I think I'm going to give it to my children. They've been looking in this area. They want to live in this area," Kennon says. "They have two young children and this is something they could love and live with for a long, long time."

In fact the two boys are in their PJs and ready to choose their bedrooms; all while mom is getting her tour and finding some surprises like a stocked fridge.

She opens fridge, "Oh my goodness. Who would like refreshment," she asks.

And she looks at the upstairs laundry room.

"This is fabulous," she says.

Kennon and family are thrilled with the home, but knowing what it's really all about.

"You're a winner both ways. Whether you get the house or not because you're winning for these children"

"We're very, very fortunate - high five," Kennon says

The total amount raised after all the tickets were sold is $770,000. Way to go Oklahoma!

The man fortunate enough to win the Early Bird Special Toyota car was also very thrilled.