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NORMAN, Okla –Like the players and coaches, fans will need a game plan for the looming college football season.

Assistant AD of Communications, Pete Moris said, “The first game, people aren’t in their normal game day routine yet. Traffic is always heavier for the first game.”

Just getting to Norman & Oklahoma Memorial Stadium will be a nightmare.

University officials suggest avoiding I-35 north and southbound altogether. Take alternate routes and double your game day travel time. Event & Facilities Coordinator, Lindy Roberts sid, “I would much rather get here in time and enjoy campus corner, go around, have fun and not be frustrated when you get there.”

The 2013 football season brings several new “carry in” policies as well.

Among the prohibited items, there are the obvious guns, knives and explosives. But you also can’t bring your pets, beach balls of unbrellas, Purses larger than 10 x 10 inches, seat cushions, coolers and fanny packs.

Those fans who come empty handed can enjoy the express lanes all around the stadium to get in much faster.
Roberts said, “Getting to our seat and not missing kick off is a happy fan and that’s what we want.”

It’s not just about comfort and efficiency. OU officials say fan safety is a major concern in the wake of recent violence targeting innocent, unsuspecting people. According to Roberts, “As you know, a lot has happened at events, sports, movies. We wanted to take a look at these things and do what we need to do to take care of our fans and our stadium.”