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Skiatook man behind bars after 90-mile crime spree ends in Chandler

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CHANDLER, Okla. - An intruder made himself at home Friday morning after smashing his way into the house of an elderly couple out of Chandler.

Authorities arrested a Ricky Allen Cox for that home invasion. They said Cox was on a one-man crime spree that spanned 90 miles.

Cox was asked to do repairs to a church van where he's from in Skiatook.

Authorities said he took that church van to a woman's house in Depew. He was already in her car by the time she got outside to ask him what he was doing.

Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty said, "He says my grandmother is sick I'm just trying to get to her. This lady says hold on let me get my keys I'll help you. She goes back into the house, dials 911, she keeps him on the phone, she steps back outside, and he snatches the keys out of her hand and steals her car."

From there, authorities said he hopped from her car to another white pickup somewhere between the Depew and Stroud area and that's the truck that barreled through David Pierce's front yard.

David Pierce said, “He broke right through that gate, ran right through it."

When he didn't have any luck getting Pierce's Suburban started, he approached a man in a nearby garden.

While cox was stealing money right out of that man's pockets he yelled for his feisty neighbor Lois Pierce's help but by the time she got outside Cox was already making himself at home in her house.

"I was trying to get up to him and the guy ran up here," Pierce said. "He came in this door and sat down in that chair for about a minute."

Pierce said it gets weirder from there.

"I guess he was thirsty," Pierce said. "He went into the refrigerator. Got the gallon of milk, he took that with him! And took the soda!"

She and her husband were taken back by this man but they weren't putting up with any nonsense.

"I said get the hell out of here! He went out that door and he said I'm outta here," Pierce said. "I had an ice cream bucket and I threw it."

They both said they are glad he is in police custody but still can't seem to wrap their heads around what happened.

Leslie Pierce said, "It don't make sense, no! He was goofy!"

From there Cox made his way to Double D's, a repair shop in town.

The owner David Hunt said Cox was nothing but calm, cool and collected.

Hunt said, "A young man had come up behind me and said, 'Excuse me sir, can I use your phone?  My car's broke down.'"

Hunt thought he was doing the right thing by helping Cox out.

He didn't give Hunt any reason to believe he was a wanted man.

"An officer stopped by and described him and asked me if I'd seen anything suspicious or whatever," Hunt said. "Of course I said, 'Yeah, I just spoke with him, he used my phone!'"

After that Hunt was in the middle of all the action.

"He came walking across the back and the officer I had just spoke with, I guess he had staked out over there," Hunt said. "He came running across with his gun pulled out and said on the ground. I was 20 feet away!"

He's never seen anything like what he saw earlier Friday.

He said that was about enough excitement he needed for a long time.

"Kind of alarming when you're speaking to someone and not thinking anything about it," Hunt said. "The next thing you find out is they might be wanted."

Out of everyone who encountered Ricky Allen Cox Friday morning, no one was injured.

Authorities said they had no reason to believe he was armed at any time.