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HAYS COUNTY, Texas – Residents in Texas are in a battle with their neighborhood association over, of all things, sidewalk chalk.

Families in the Elm Grove neighborhood in Hays County recently found out their HOA is cracking down on sidewalk chalk on driveways and sidewalks.

Some residents have received notes stating they are in violation of the association’s rules.

The note stated if the chalk wasn’t cleaned, the homeowners would be facing a fine or even a lien on their homes.

Homeowner Kelsey Jakubauskas, who was cited by the homeowners’ association, said, “I could understand them enforcing the covenants but when that’s not in there, I don’t think that it’s appropriate.”

A group in the neighborhood is actually organizing an event called “Chalk It Up.”

Kids will get together to decorate all the sidewalks and driveways with chalk to send a message to the association.

The group said they are not sure how much a citation costs but it might be worth it.