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BLOOPER: Kent Ogle makes history, takes first selfie on TV

OKLAHOMA CITY – It is surprising, considering his vast knowledge of sports, music, history, politics and general trivia, that NewsChannel 4 Morning Anchor Kent Ogle actually didn’t know what a “selfie” was, until Wednesday morning.

Thanks to “Facebook Fan of the Day” Henry Hunter, Kent’s selfie education was about to begin.

About 6:30 a.m. live on KFOR, Ogle took his first selfie ever, instructed by Ali Meyer.

Emily Sutton suggested Ogle employ the popular selfie technique, the duckface; one day at a time, Miss Sutton.

Turns out, also on Wednesday, “selfie” and “twerk” were both added to Oxford Dictionaries Online.

So, Mr. Ogle, I suppose you’re not that far behind afterall.

Selfie on.