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Crutcho Public School honored with ‘What’s Right With Our Schools’

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OKLAHOMA CITY- There are good things happening at schools that sometimes go by unnoticed.

Crutcho Public School is turning out bright students, despite the tough conditions they face on a daily basis.

When water from heavy rains flooded the school on May 31, the damage was serious.

In fact, the basement and computer lab were under five feet of water.

However, the damage didn't dampen the spirits of the teachers and staff.

In addition to putting in extra hours, the staff at the elementary school cooked a big meatloaf dinner for students and their families who were displaced by the flooding.

Crutcho Public School was honored with NewsChannel 4's 'What's Right With Our Schools' program, sponsored by Randall Reed Ford.

Click here for more information on nominating a school for the program.

Once selected as a winner, Randall Reed Ford will donate $600 to a school where a student, a teacher, volunteer or worker is recognized by our 'What’s Right With Our Schools' program.