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Baby Veronica custody battle heads to tribal hearing Wednesday

Veronica sad parents

A tribal hearing is scheduled Wednesday in the baby Veronica case; just a day after the custody battle’s first hearing in the State Supreme Court.

Veronica’s biological father, Oklahoman Dusten Brown, has been fighting a South Carolina couple for custody of the 3-year-old girl.

Veronica’s birth mother was pregnant with her when she put Veronica up for adoption.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court granted an emergency stay last week to keep Veronica with her biological father ahead of Tuesday’s hearing.

South Carolina’s governor is asking the court to lift the emergency stay and send Veronica back to South Carolina with her adoptive parents.

Both sides reportedly presented their arguments Tuesday afternoon but a gag order prevents anyone involved in the case from sharing information.

The hearings have also been closed because it’s an adoption proceeding.