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UPDATE: 71-year-old survives beating, robbery

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PERRY, Okla. - 29-year-old Christofer Christoferson is in jail after police tracked him down at an Oklahoma City homeless shelter Sunday.

Investigators believe he broke into his neighbor's home and beat her unconscious before stealing her car early Friday morning.

Now, 71-year-old Betty Hewitt is recovering. Bruises cover her face, showing the ruthless attack she survived.

"I remember that he had his hands around my throat choking me," said Hewitt. "That, I remember."

Hewitt was asleep in her chair when she says Christoferson broke into her home, beat her and stole her car. He had just moved next door, and Hewitt recognized him because she helped him hours earlier.

"He knew that I recognized him because I gave him some work to do," said Hewitt. "I let him pull the weeds in my flower garden."

That's the helpful spirit the local Wal-Mart greeter, is known for around town.

"She's Perry's angel on Earth," Heather Rains says. "Aren't you Miss Betty?"

Before the attacker stole her car, she would often give rides to those without a vehicle.

Just three days since she was beaten, Hewitt is looking on the bright side.

"I even look good compared to what I looked like earlier," said Hewitt. "I tell you man, I was black and blue."

"She is strong, and she's very independent," said her sister-in-law, Olive Hellar.

"You know she's 71-years-old. The guy pretty much left her for dead," said Raines. "And Ms. Betty is showing everybody no matter what life throws at you, you can get back up and keep moving."

Even though the last person Hewitt helped turned on her, she says she'll keep giving.

"Most people aren't that way," said Hewitt. "Most people appreciate when you help them."

As for Christoferson, police finally caught up to him by tracking his cell phone.

"I'm glad they caught him because if they didn't, he'd do it to somebody else," said Hewitt.

Just three days since she was beaten, Hewitt is ready to forgive.

Police say Christoferson could face charges of battery, auto theft, assault and elderly abuse.

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