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4 Seniors: Preventing falls

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In our 4 seniors segment September is fall prevention month. Every year hundreds of older Oklahomans fall.

A broken arm or hip can lead to a steep slide in a senior’s health.

Today Ken Fearnow, with BrightStar Nursing Care is in the KFOR studios. He’s brought along staff from BrightStar Nursing Care for a unique demonstration.

He shows us something called a “get-up-and-go” test which identifies seniors at risk for falls.

The main factors that cause falls are:
a. Medication side effects
b. Lack of strength and balance
c. Impaired vision
d. Environmental hazards
e. Chronic conditions

The “get-up-and-go test” allows families the ability to identify seniors at risk of falling.

There are also exercises to strengthen weakened muscles that lead to falls

a. Improved lighting, especially at night
b. Removing throw rugs and other tripping hazards
c. Hand-holds or rails in bathrooms and stairs