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Cutting Edge Fitness: Fit3D tracks fitness progress in 3D

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EDMOND, Okla. -- There's a new cutting edge tool to help Oklahomans get in shape. A local health center is now the first in the state, and only one of five facilities in the nation to get what's called a Fit3D.

It's a tool which can be used to not only help you track your weight, but one that could help employers as well.

From the outside it doesn't look like much, but step into the tent and there is a new way to track your progress at the gym.

The Fit3D is now a part of the Key Health Institute of Edmond.

Patrick Wellington, with Key Health Institute of Edmond, said, "Just stepping on the scale can be frustrating for people beginning a new plan."

Preventing that frustration is one advantage of this machine.

Key Health Institute of Edmond, formerly known as Transformation Fitness, is the first in the state and the region to have one of these machines.

Wellington said, "Any type of member coming in moving forward will be able to use the machine in order to track results."

The machine works together with each client. First, their weight is entered in the computer. They then step onto the machine. It slowly spins around taking a series of pictures to create a 3D image, an avatar, of a person's body.

Wellington says often those trying to lose weight or inches get discouraged because the numbers on the scale doesn't change.

With this machine you can track your avatars every couple of weeks to see exactly how your body is changing despite those numbers on the scale.

Wellington said, "It's just a different type of motivator when you see a 3D image of yourself and two weeks later you see them side by side."

Not only is it great for those looking to transform their body, but employers can partner with the facility as part of their company wellness program.

Allen Glass, with Key Health Institute, said, "Essentially they would be using the Fit3D for their employee base to measure how they progress throughout the year."

Wellington said, "Our state obviously has a high population of obesity, overweight, early onset diabetes."

Key Health Institute says they, along with the creator of the machine, hope this can be one more tool to help those in our state get fit.

One note, they encourage clients who are getting scanned to where tight fitting clothing to get the best results.

The machine takes measurements as it spins and if your clothing is too lose those measurements can be slightly off.