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STILLWATER, Okla. - Oklahoma State University students are stunned by the claims Sports Illustrated has made against the Cowboys.

Bells rang in another day on campus Tuesday, but no ordinary day. Almost every student was talking about the accusations that people payed football players.

"It would totally surprise me," said one student, Brandon Silver.

"I don't believe it," said Emily Gould. "I'm going for my Cowboys for sure."

"I don't think it has happened here," said TJ Traylor.

A Lawton native, Traylor has been a faithful fan. Game after game, he cheers on the cowboys, but were those players paid for plays?

"In this particular case, we have no solid proof, and I don't see it happening," said Traylor.

That's exactly what OSU says. The school has promised to hire an outside investigator.

"I hope with the investigation they do a good job because I honestly don't think they're going to find anything," said Colton Houlette.

If this did happen at their school, students agree: those who paid players, should pay the consequences.

"It's frowned upon obviously, but I think that there should be some punishment along with that," said Traylor.

Regardless, students say they'll still be rooting for their team in the stands Saturday.