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STILLWATER, Okla. -- The fifth and final article in the Sports Illustrated series against the Oklahoma State Football program was released Monday under the title "The Fallout."

It claims several former Cowboys have become incarcerated and homeless after being promised they would be treated like family.

Former reserve lineman Jonathan Cruz told Sports Illustrated he lost his scholarship because of academic issues - which led him to try to commit suicide and eventually become a drug addict.

Former OSU running back Kevin White was quoted as saying head coach Mike Gundy kicked him off the team in 2006 for being in a car with others who had marijuana.

White wasn't charged and offered to take a drug test, but he says Gundy didn't budge.

Former OSU wide receiver Artrell Woods, who fractured two vertebrae while lifting weights in 2007, claims Gundy told him he didn't see a future for him in Stillwater, even though Woods was still capable of playing.

Sources tell us some players may sue Sports Illustrated, but one expert says it would have to be proven the magazine knew they were reporting false information.

"I doubt very seriously that you're going to get Sports Illustrated and the reporter to admit that," Robert D. Nelon, an attorney with Hall Estill law firm, said Monday. "The university would have to prove it through other evidence that the reporter didn't believe what he was writing."

OSU announced Monday the appointment of a former NCAA Director of Enforcement to lead an independent review of alleged misconduct in the football program.

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