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Police discover pint-sized Good Samaritan

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GREENFIELD, Wis.- There was some good luck on Friday the 13th, at least for one Wisconsin police station after a good Samaritan made an anonymous donation.

After some sleuthing, the police found the donor’s identity and it turns out that he wasn’t even old enough to drive himself to the station.good samaritan1

The pint-sized citizen made the donation of $10.03 in change and asked that the money go to the police station.

After watching the surveillance video, the mysterious donor was identified as 11-year-old Max Seipert.

“We learned about 9/11 and all the great things that the police and fire department did,” said Seipert. “I decided I should donate it all to the Greenfield Police Department.”

Max had been collecting change since April from friends and family.

On Friday, he rode his bike to the station from a friend’s house and dropped off the gift.

He said, “One day, that’s going to make a difference. It might not make a really big difference but at least it’s something.”

Max also wanted to pay tribute to his grandfather, a Milwaukee police officer who was killed in the line of duty before he was born.

He isn’t done with his charitable contributions.

His mother offered to match his donation and he plans on giving that money to a little girl in Wisconsin who needs a kidney transplant.