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CHOCTAW, Okla.- After a family watched helplessly as part of their property was washed away by the Canadian River, they were hit with another blow by the insurance company.

Gary and Rhonda Buford's property sat along the river bank of the North Canadian River for years.

When massive rain storms came across the state this past spring, the shore began to slowly erode until the ground was crumbling near their home.

The couple eventually lost their barn and a guest house to the river.

Their home was still standing but they will not go back to it.

They have been forced to relocate after insurance carriers declined to reimburse their losses.

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After District Two Commissioner Brian Maughan and Congressman James Lankford heard about the dilemma, they teamed up to speak to the Board of Oklahoma County Commissioners.

On Wednesday, the Board of Oklahoma County Commissioners voted to declare all the structures on the Buford property as dilapidated.

Authorities say the couple asked the board to declare everything dilapidated so they could remove the structures and qualify for specific aid from FEMA.