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UPDATE: ‘Watch for Motorcycles’ signs installed at dangerous intersection

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Yellow diamond signs stand tall with a loud message, warning drivers to watch for motorcycles.

The signs now have a permanent home at N.W. Expressway and Belle Isle Blvd., which is considered a high traffic and dangerous intersection in Oklahoma City.MOTORCYCLE SIGNS1

Rob Morris, a former motorcyclist, doesn't think the warning signs will make much of a difference.

Morris said, "People are too distracted, they're not going to see the sign. They've got the texts dinging in, they're on the cell phone."

Morris said he loved riding but it was simply too dangerous.

He suffered a broken collar-bone, broken ribs and road rash when a car pulled out in front of him when he was going 35 miles per hour.

He said, "That was the point where I decided, you know what, it's great, I love it, it's a lot of fun but it's just not worth the risk."

There are always risks on the road, whether you're a driver or motorcyclist and that's why Allstate believes the signs will be beneficial to help protect riders.

Mark Muse, with Allstate, said, "It's part of Allstate's Motorcycle O.N.E campaign which stands for Once is Not Enough, and it's to raise awareness for drivers to look for motorcycles at intersections and on the road."

Although Morris has given up his motorcycle, he misses the rush and the wind blowing on his face.

For him, the risk isn't worth it and he has a few pieces of advice for other motorcycle riders.

Morris said, "If you do it, understand the risks. Don't just be aware, be hyper-aware and last but not least, wear a helmet.".

More than 60 percent of motorcycle fatalities in the Oklahoma City area happen at intersections.

Residents can check out potential road risks and plan routes by visiting Allstate’s motorcycle Facebook page.