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OSU police looking for suspect in two campus attacks

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- OSU Police are increasing their campus patrols after reports of a second attack in a matter of weeks.

Students say they're of course worried that the suspect hasn't been caught, but what also concerns them is how long it took for them to find out about the latest attack.

Tuesday students received a text message from campus police alerting them about the second assault. This one happened more than a week ago.

The attack wasn't reported until Tuesday which explains why it took so long for students to be notified, but some worry about that delay.

Emily Layton says, "That happened ten days ago. It gave him plenty of time to do another assault."

Mercedes McVey says, "That could have easily been me."

Mercedes McVey lives in the residential area where both attacks took place. She says before this month she's never felt like she had to think about her safety on campus.

"Now I feel like you're not really safe anywhere,” says McVey. “Anyone could go anywhere and attack you."

The attacks have some students thinking about a plan of action and maybe taking the emergency phones more seriously.

Emily Layton says, "I carry my pepper spray everywhere I go and I would definitely try to find one of those if I was ever in trouble on campus."

Even with the suspect on the loose students say they still have confidence in the campus police department and have a message for their parents at home.

Emily Layton says,  "OSU really is safe."

Police have described their suspect as a multi-racial man between 5’8”and 6’2” with a muscular build. He was last seen wearing a dark jacket, gloves and a ski mask. If you have any information OSU Police urge you to call them at (405) 744-6523.

Police are urging residents to be aware of their surroundings, don’t walk alone at night and stay in well-lit areas. Click here for more safety tips from OSU Police.