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Sports Illustrated editors explain intent of OSU “Dirty Game” series

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After releasing the five-part series, the “Dirty Game,” alleging misconduct in the OSU Football program, Sports Illustrated editors are now explaining the intent of the saga.

Deadspin published the explanations executive editor Jon Wertheim and managing editor Chris Stone are giving.

Wertheim responded to one of the comments asking why they took on OSU.

Jon Wertheim The point wasn’t to take down OSU. The point was to really study and understand the business and the entire process, from recruitment to finish. I think most people work on the assumption that big-time college sports is a flawed enterprise. (To some it’s inconvenient; to others it’s indefensible.) There are plenty of opinions.Revenue sport athletes should be paid! No way, they’re lucky to have a full ride and a fancy tutoring center! The NCAA defenders will tell you that compensate is a non-starters… Everyone from the New York Times op-ed page to the South Park creators have weighed in on this. Our point: how do you have the informed discussion without really understanding the “factory” and the inefficiencies, how it also plays out and what some of the consequences are?

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Stone said to another person who commented on the articles that things won’t change unless we admit there are issues.

Chris Stone: You can’t have a meaningful discussion about college sports, let alone meaningful change, unless you know what the sleaze looks like. It’s not enough to say “I know it exists.” There are plenty of people, well-intentioned people, who think you can philosophize in a vacuum and effect change. You can’t. Everyone is doing it everyone’s favorite cudgel. But it also remains the best argument for continued reporting about the system, no matter how numb people have become to it, whether it’s OSU, Miami, North Carolina, etc.