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OKLAHOMA CITY – For those who use food stamps, it will soon be harder to put food on the table.

The House of Representatives voted Thursday to reduce spending for the program, billions of dollars in cuts.

Thursday’s vote is the second part of the Farm Bill that passed in July and it includes a decrease of $39 billion over 10 years for the food stamp program, known as “SNAP.”

These new cuts are already on top of the nationwide SNAP cuts to the program taking effect Nov. 1, totaling around $5 billion.

Officials said 16 percent of Oklahomans receive help from the SNAP program.

These cuts will result in the loss of $66 million in our state.

Meaning those who receive SNAP benefits will get $1.40 per meal per day.

Officials said that is equivalent to a family of four losing 21 meals per month.

The farm bill vote will result in $39 billion in cuts from the national program over the next decade.

About 4 million Americans will end up losing their SNAP benefits; that goes into effect next year.

To put it all into perspective, original cuts to the SNAP program were $5 billion.

Now the farm bill vote cuts $39 billion, totaling $44 billion worth of cuts overall to the food stamps program.

The farm bill passed 217 to 210 without a single Democratic vote; 15 Republicans also voted against the bill.

Republican leadership said the bill doesn’t cut $39 billion, it eliminates loopholes that have let ineligible people receive benefits.

This bill still has to pass the senate which is controlled by democrats.

Democrats largely oppose cutting the food stamp program and are unlikely to pass it.