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More than 40 percent of people said they gained weight at their current job, according to a CareerBuilder Harris Interactive survey.

Women’s Health magazine reported of those who put on some pounds, more than half said they have gained 10 lbs and about 30 percent said they gained 20 pounds or more.

Making a few changes throughout your day can help with this battle of the bulge.

8 a.m. – Don’t park in the closest spot to the door and work. Park farther away so you can get in a few more steps.

9 a.m. – Take hourly activity breaks at least two-minutes long. Walk around, do squats… anything to get your blood moving. Just don’t sit at your desk all day.

11 a.m. – Get up to talk to coworkers, don’t call them on the phone. Also, stand while you talk to them at their desk.

12 p.m. – Skip the drive-thru for lunch. If you need to go out, walk to the restaurant. Or if you bring your lunch, take it outside and break for a walk.

3 p.m.¬†– Make a habit of taking the stairs. Skip the elevator unless you’re going up more than four floors.

5 p.m. РIf public transit is available, take that home from work. Leave your own car at home. You have to walk to the bus so that will add in a bit more exercise.

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