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PC schools’ Will Rogers Elementary dealing with alleged kindergarten bully

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Will Rogers Elementary is trying to take action after complaints of escalating bullying in a kindergarten class.

Five-year-old Emma Davis says she’s been hit, kicked, punched, and had her hair pulled out of her head.

Emma’s mom Derena Davis says, "She came home and it was literally ripped out of the top of her head. It was just pulled out."

She also says she's been pushed to the ground and has even had a bucket of crayons dumped on her head, but this week  Davis says she got the worst phone call yet.

"48 hours ago he put both hands around her neck choked her and then proceeded to punch her in the head,” says Davis.

Davis says Putnam City Schools has been apologetic, but the most serious punishment the alleged bully has seen so far is a one day suspension.

Putnam City Schools’ Steve Lindley says, "We are completely on the parent’s side in this case. We are aware of what's happening. We don't want it to be happening.

The school promised they would protect the little girl, but every day Davis says Emma comes home with stories that seem to be getting worse.

"She's five,” says Davis. “What five year old do you know that hits another five year old or chokes another five year old."

Because the children are only 5, state law prohibits police action. That's where Jeffrey Taylor steps in. He helps families solve their issue in court.

"At what point do children start understanding their behavior," says Taylor. "Perhaps we've got something that is more than bullying, especially if it continues on an ongoing basis."

Davis says, "The mother and the father should have some kind of consequences for their son's actions because he's physically hurting my child."

That could take months so until then their only other option is for Emma to leave her friends and move kindergarten classes.

Emma says, "I'm excited to leave that classroom."

Jeffrey Taylor wants parents in this situation to know they need to go through the school and the district first to get the problem solved and then once you've documented everything then contact him.

Putnam City Schools is planning to make anti-bullying presentations to all parents who attend their October 15th open house.