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Top 4 complaints about new i OS7 update

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Downloaded the new i OS7 update? What do you think?

Many are saying the newness has worn off and the honeymoon is over.

Here are the top 4 complaints about i OS7:

The New Keyboard Is Hard To Use: The space bar button is much smaller. The Huffington Post reported many users complained they usually missed the key. 

Reduced Battery Life: Many reports have cited a shorter battery life as one of the bigger issues plaguing iOS 7. According to the Huffington Post, it appears the problem is a product of a new feature that lets your apps download new content in the background using Wi-Fi or cellular. To turn this feature off, you can go to “Setting,” “General” and then “Background App Refresh.”

Still Can’t Close All Apps At Once: Many users told the Huffington Post they liked the multitasking feature but were still frustrated there was no way to close all running apps are once.

Can’t Re-size Background Photos: Setting your background photos has become slightly more difficult. You can’t re-size them like before and now only certain pictures work for your background.

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