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Imagination Foundation invites kids to a free arcade for a day

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. The Individual Artists of Oklahoma has teamed up with the Imagination Foundation and will be hosting the Global Cardboard Challenge at the IAO Gallery, 706 West Sheridan, today from 2 to 5 p.m. Attendance is free, and kids of all ages are invited to attend.

During the afternoon, attendees will be able to play with a giant marble run constructed and facilitated by the Oklahoma Museum Network, design their own cardboard installations, and interact with Oklahoma artists leading activities based around cardboard supplies, such as  pinhole photography, cardboard orbs and other cardboard activities.

“Through the Global Cardboard Challenge, the people of Oklahoma City will be able to feel connected with the cities all over the globe participating in this day centered around imagination,” IAO Administrative Assistant and Global Cardboard Challenge co-organizer BC Summers said.

Participating in the event will be the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, which will be screening a video of the construction of their recent Wayne White exhibit and well-known music video artists, Lamar + Nik, who will screen their music video for Lushlife’s “Magnolia” and will have the cardboard heads featured in the video available for the public to interact with.

“We are so thrilled at the great collection of artists coming together at IAO to make this evening possible,” IAO Executive Director Kendall Brown said. “One of the greatest things about the Global Cardboard Challenge is that it offers a day to be creative for no other reason than the sake of being creative.