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Meteor shower coming to a sky near you Monday after sunset

Meteor shower

A special meteor shower will streak across the sky Monday night just after sunset.

The Draconid shower may not be one of the “showiest” showers, according to the USA Today, but they do stand out because they are best seen in the evening, not before dawn like most others.

EarthSky, a science news blog, reported the shower most likely won’t be as dazzling this time because last year’s showing was lively.

The event’s name comes from the way the meteors appear to come from the northern constellation Draco the Dragon, which sits just above the Little Dipper.

Draconid showers are notoriously unpredictable, sometimes with thousands of falling stars per hour and other times much more sedate.

Experts said the best way to see the event is to get away from big city lights.

NASA’s website is currently unavailable due to the government shutdown.

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