PHOTOS: Beautiful Oklahoma skies

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  • sunrise on April 17 2014

  • North OKC

  • Snowy in Shawnee by Hannah

  • From the back porch of the Loopers' home, Byng, Ok

  • A December Yukon sunset couple nights ago. Lorinda Ray

  • My view driving home down NW 50th in early November.

  • 11-11-13 5:00 p.m. West bound I-44 near Tulsa , Interesting sun set .

  • Price's Falls in the Arbuckle Mts.

  • A nice view of the evening sun with some amazing crepuscular rays coming off the clouds.

  • Some great crepuscular rays coming off the cloud tops

  • crepuscular rays coming off storms growing in the evening sky. This view is looking east of the storms.

  • Just as the title says. Interesting view of the sky with emerging supercell thunderstorms in Western Oklahoma.

  • from my front porch

  • Maysville, Oklahoma - Race Baker

  • Reflections of the clouds in the still water was unbelievable...

  • this photo was taken north of Lindsay as the sun was setting behind an oil pumping unit.

  • Rainbow over SW 89th and I-35...(looking west)!

  • Evening sky thru the storm clouds

  • 11-24-13

  • From Mangum, Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma sunrise in Glencoe 11-24-2013 Linda Clapp

  • OKC 11.24.13

  • It only lasted a few minutes before being swallowed by the clouds.

  • Picture of yardart featuring bigfoot Gary Bramlett Piedmont 11/23/13

  • Today's sunrise

  • Caitlin Timmons

  • Caitlin Timmons

  • Caitlin Timmons

  • Stillwater America... Home of the Cowboys!!!

  • Nov. 8, 2013 leaving work at I-35 & Waterloo Rd.

  • One of my favorites of Lake Overholser.

  • This is a pic that I captured that includes the beautiful skyline behind an absolutely beautiful sunset.

  • Oklahoma sunsets

  • Sunset from the intersection of Jensen and Country Club Rd, south of El Reno.

  • Taken 11-3-13 south of Enid. by Judy Bradford

  • I could not pass up taking pics of tonight's sunset. It was beautiful!

  • Sky looks to be on fire.

  • Sunset over Arcadia - Shawn Hammill

  • Sunset - Isabelle Hernandez

  • Sunset - Cristi Andrews

  • Sunset over Lake Hefner from Britton Road - Linda Dockery

  • Sunset - broken arrow - Joanne Kinsey

  • Sunset - Robert Anderson

  • Sunset - Mike Wenzel

  • Sunset - Jodie Pulliam

  • Stunning sunset on October 15th, 2013. Brilliant orange color

  • October 10, 2013

  • photo by Jeff Legg

  • Taken in Snyder, Oklahoma by David Johnson

  • Oklahoma Sunset

  • Sunset taken on October 11, 2013 from about 6 miles West of Ada.

  • Bobby Villegas

  • Photo by Carlton Houston

  • Oklahoma sunset from Chase Tower - Ashton Edwards

  • From the east side of Lake Hefner.

  • Devon Tower in sunset from Chase Tower - Ashton Edwards

  • Devon Tower in sunset from Chase Tower - Ashton Edwards

  • Yukon , ok

  • Heather Dunagan

  • Don Price

  • Derek Maxwell

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  • Here it is again October 11, on a Friday – the temp is almost 90 degrees – the wind is blowing almost 40 mph, and tomorrow on Saturday here comes the rain again and the temps drop 20 digress – THIS is the third week in a row and this is not a coincidence – this has to be regulated by some government system. We have lived here all our lives and it has never changed for 4 weekends in a row with cold temps on weekend and then on Monday it warms up again until the next weekend. We used to have lots of warm windy weekend but NO MORE. What is going on? Is this to do with the new wind farms OGE is pushing? Tell the truth – we don’t believe the lies. Leave the weather alone

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